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Recent and Upcoming Events


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On this page we'll present a summary of past events and a calendar of upcoming activities.


Saddle Brook/Maywood Kiwanis

Year in Review
November 2000- Donated food to less fortunate for Thanksgiving Dinner
December 2000- Donated to ECLC Great Adventure Trip
December 2000- Donated/Attended ECLC Thanksgiving Dinner
January 2001- Donated Scholarship for Nursing Studies
January 2001- Donated to Circle K International
February 2001- Donated to NJ District Foundation
March 2001- Donated to Joe Carroll Scholarship Fund
March 2001- Sponsored/Coached Saddle Brook Little League Baseball
March 2001- Donated to Ridgefield Park Key Club Trip to Food Bank
March 2001- Donated to Circle K Convention
March 2001- Donated to IDD


December 14, 2001- ECLC Holiday Turkey

Here are the locations of the rest of our meeting for the year...Please Come!

October 31, 2001- No Meeting Happy Halloween!
November 7, 2001- St. Philip's Spaghetti Dinner
November 14, 2001- Que Pasta, Saddle Brook, 7:00p.m.
(Governors visit!)
November 17, 2001-Shopping for Thanksgiving Food Baskets 7:30 a.m. A&P in Saddle Brook
November 21, 2001- No meeting...Relax it's the day before Thanksgiving!
November 28, 2001- Que Pasta, Saddle Brook, 7:00p.m.
December 5, 2001- Going to Newark for some Portugese food! yummy!
December 12, 2001- Que Pasta, Saddle Brook, 7:00p.m.
December 14, 2001- ECLC Holiday Turkey Dinner
December 19,2001-Ed's Tavern 7:00 Saddle Brook
December 26, 2001-- No meeting...Relax it's the day after Christmas!


April 2001- Sponsored/Coached Saddle Brook Rec Softball
April 2001- Sponsored/Coached Saddle Brook Rec Baseball
April 2001- Donated time and supplies to Saddle Brook VFW Easter Egg Hunt
April 2001- Donated to North East Regional Scout Museum
April 2001- Attended Ridgefield Park Key Club Induction
April 2001- Donated to VFW Parade Committee
May 2001- Donated to VFW Golf Tournament
May 2001- Ran Mothers Day Flower Sale
May 2001- Participated in Memorial Day Parade
May 2001- Donated Award Metals to winners of ECLC Poster Contest
May 2001- Donated to Special Olympics



May 2001- Donated Ridgefield Park Scholarship
May 2001- Donated Wreath For Memorial Service
June 2001- Donated to B.U.G. Program (Bringing Up Grades)to 5 grammer schools
June 2001- Donated 4 Scholarships to ECLC Graduates
June 2001- Donated Saddle Brook High School Scholarship
June 2001- Donated 3 Saddle Brook Key Club Scholarships
June 2001- Attended Kiwanis International Convention in Taipei
June 2001- Donated to Miss Junior America Contest
July 2001- Donated/Participated in Saddle Brook Softball Marathon
August 2001- Attended ECLC Ice Cream Party
August 2001- Donated to Kiwanis International Foundation
August 2001- Donated to Kiwanis Fellow
August 2001- Attended and cooked for Saddle Brook Town Picnic
August 2001- Attended 84th Annual NJ District Convention
September 2001-Helped with Food Drive for WTC workers and family
September 2001- Installation/Retiring of Officers Luncheon at Waterloo Sues
September 2001-Donated money to VFW/American Legion Charity Fund for local child
September 2001-Donated money to local family who lost a loved one
October 2001- Worked with Que Pasta to run a WTC Benefit Dinner
October 2001-Provided transporation to sponsored youth to Key Club Convention at Six Flags
October 2001-Attended Charity Beefsteak Dinner


Upcoming Events

Coming Soon!

I may include a map to the event below:

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