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Members List
Saddle Brook/Maywood Kiwanis

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On this page we'll list current members and welcome new members.


Welcome New Members!

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Current Members

Fred Wessell
William Hartmann
Ed (OTB) Wilczynski
Louis Matonti
Eddie Wilczynski
Mike Mazzola
Frank Wojno
Joe Varchola
James Burbano
Ann Schmidt
Marilyn Hogan
Raymond Hoelz
Fran Fitzpatrick

Current Members

April Agnello
Ralph Boragine
Sal Nuccio
Kim Carroll
Frank Racioppi
Louis DeGhetto
Don Radell
George Santos
Carol MacDonald
George Haag
Evelyn Strohmeyer

God Bless-James J. Braddock, Joseph Carroll, Edward "UNC" Wilczynski and all of our other faithfully departed members